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Office of the Vice President for Research
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eProtocol is here! All new IACUC Animal Care and Use Protocols should now be submitted via eProtocol.

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A new web-based technology that provides an integrated system for online submission of new IACUC forms, new protocols, changes in protocol, add/delete personnel requests, and overall management of all your IACUC (and IBC & IRB) projects. 

eProtocol provides a common tool for principal investigators, IACUC staff and committee members to submit, review and communicate about protocols. Access is available to anyone with an x.500 user name and password.

For more information visit:

eProtocol help line:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

IACUC: 612-626-2126,


IACUC forms for new applications have been removed from this website.  Please use eProtocol instead.  If you have a specific need for the former word document version of a form, please contact the IACUC at 612-626-2126 or via email at <>.


Forms Available:

All forms are in Microsoft Word Format.





Last Revision Date

Appendix A Alternatives to Painful/Distressful Procedures (Studies Classified in B or C) 03/2011
Appendix B Protocol Specific Breeding 03/2011
Appendix C Controlled Substances 10/2012
Appendix D Investigator-Managed Housing Areas (IMHAs) 09/2011

Appendix E

Training/Classroom Protocols 11/2010
Appendix F Surgery 09/2011
Appendix G Department of Environmental Health and Safety and Institutional Biosafety Committee 03/2011
Appendix H Blood Collection 11/2010
Appendix I Administration of Biological Materials to Rodents 06/2011
Appendix J Dietary Manipulations or Fluid Restriction 11/2011
Appendix K Conscious Physical Restraint 11/2010
Appendix M Client Consent Form Requirements 11/2010
Appendix P Antibody Production 11/2010
Appendix Q Food Chain Review 11/2010


Agricultural Husbandry Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) - rev 2/11

When to use this form:

  • Agricultural animals being maintained for breeding, observation or display purposes only.
  • No manipulations will be performed on the animals or their environment. (Animals may be transferred, with IACUC permission, to experimental or teaching protocols and back again.)

Agricultural Animals: livestock or poultry used for activities related to food or fiber production, husbandry methods or health care of the target species.



Change in Protocol Request Form - rev 12/12

  • Use this form to request a change in protocol. Please note that all changes require review and approval by the IACUC prior to implementation.



Additional Personnel Request Form - rev 08/12

  • Use this form to request personnel changes to IACUC-approved protocols. All personnel added to studies are required to have IACUC training certification.


Additional Title Request Form

  • Use this form to request an additional title.



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